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Dentist Tin-Wai Ip

Can't wait to meet you


Graduated with a Bachelors in Dental Surgery from the University of Sheffield in 2016, I developed a strong theoretical and practical foundation with early introduction into clinics in the Charles Clifford Dental Hospital and at outreach placements in both general and community dental practices in Sheffield. This gave me experience in domiciliary visits, treatment of high needs, ex-addicts, and dentally anxious patients.


I’ve always had a passion for volunteering and education. In high school, I regularly volunteered at the library and my Friday nights were spent at a non-profit children club, mentoring children from nursery to secondary school. Dentistry has given me an opportunity to serve a greater community with a greater impact. In 2015, I volunteered with the East Meets West Dental Centre in Da Nang, Vietnam. In three short weeks, as a team, we provided dental treatment to over 900 children in need.


Having graduated from Lord Byng Mini School for the arts with a Minor in Visual Arts, I now funnel my artistic passions into dentistry. I aim to design a natural smile that follows the curves and contours that make you unique. No smile is the same; nor should it be!


I am a certified provider of 6 month smile and ClearCorrect short term adult orthodontics. I am certified to perform facial injectable aesthetics by the BTC.

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